At home I’m Mom. My friends call me Kathy or Kath. Junk mail labels hail me as Katherine Carol, Catherine Carrol, Kathrine Caroll, and occasionally by my real name, Kathryn Carroll. Random acquaintances call me Carol. And at my home away from home—Stop & Shop—I’m that woman who buys 1½ pounds of Boar’s Head Classic Chicken twice a week.

You, my readers and hopefully new friends, are welcome to call me Kathryn, Kath, Carol, or, if you’d like, get creative and make an anagram from my name. I’ll answer to almost anything. And if you call me funny, I’ll love you forever.

Over the years I’ve written for children and adults. My work has appeared in national magazines, small literary journals, and my local newspaper.

If you’d like to say ‘hi,” tell me something humorous, or respond to one of my posts, I’d love to hear from you. Just write me at: witlovekath@gmail.com.

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